This Summer, Bitcoin Accepted at More Than 260000 Stores in Japan



The ‘Big Block’ Bitcoin Movement is Em


bracing Bcoin

Over the course of bitcoin’s two-year scaling debate, a few major alternatives have grown to challenge the network’s most popular and longest-running …
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By This Summer, Bitcoin Will Be Accepted at More Than 260000 Stores in Japan

Retail shops in Japan, in partnership with two of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the country, are adapting Bitcoin as currency for transactions.
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The first investor in Snapchat thinks bitcoin could realistically be worth $500000 by 2030

Bitcoin Attendants pose with a bitcoin sign during the opening of Hong Kong’s first bitcoin retail store. Reuters/Bobby Yip. Bitcoin has been the …
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Chinese Investment in Bitcoin Mining is Enormous

In recent weeks, the People’s Bank of China and various Chinese Bitcoin exchanges have played a tense game of back and forth negotiations, …
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Bitcoin Exchange Paybis Adds Credit Card Purchases To Take On UK Market

UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Paybis has added a rare facility for users to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card. Paybis, which also operates from …
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Bitcoins Startups Fear No Ban in India, Say Technology Will Make Inroads

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding Bitcoin’s legality in India. The government and ministers are cautioning the users repeatedly gainst …
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Australia Delays Promise to End Bitcoin Double Taxation

Over a year after the Australian government promised to put an end to the double taxation of bitcoin purchases, authorities are yet to formally legislate …
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Bitcoin Price Watch; Shifting The Range

So there we go then, another day done in the bitcoin price, and with its completion, another week out of the way. If you’d have asked us yesterday …
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Bitcoin Price Inversely Correlates With Ethereum: Potential Factors Why

As shown in the comparison chart below, a tight correlation between the performance of Ether and Bitcoin is evident. When Bitcoin rises in value, Ether …
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Replication Data for: The Bitcoin Brain Drain

In the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, users can deterministically derive the private keys used for transmitting money from a password. Such “brain wallets” are …
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module bitcoin.Client.prototype

api documentation for bitcoin (v3.0.1) npm package [![ build-status](https.
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Bitcoin Price Analysis: End of the sideways movement, Bitcoin all set for the next big launch

Technically Bitcoin has been in a trend as discussed earlier and has fallen into a temporary sideways pattern. While the market players are testing the …

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