1. Dinosaur named for ‘Ghostbusters’ creature found in Montana 75 million years after its death

    Los Angeles Times
    Meet Zuul crurivastator, a dinosaur discovered in Montana that shares a strong resemblance to Zuul, the “terror dog” character in the movie “Ghostbusters.
  2. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Successful First Test Firing [Watch]

    Science Times
    SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be set to fly in the next four years. A video revealed that the rocket is ready for its final launch.
  3. Baby Louie, an infant dinosaur with a checkered past, finally gets a proper name

    Washington Post
    In 1996, National Geographic made Baby Louie into a 66-million-year-old child star. The magazine’s May cover featured a model dinosaur embryo tucked within a replica egg – which, at 18 inches long, looked less like a supermarket egg than a squashed …
  4. Australian Fossils Hint At Where To Search For Life On Mars

    Old rocks found in the Australian Outback have some weighty implications, scientists say: They hint at the environment in which life on Earth originated and suggest a location to search for life on Mars.
  5. The UAE Drops More Clues About Its Mysterious Plan to Colonize Mars

    Earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates’ grabbed the world’s attention when Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced a plan to establish a research colony on Mars by 2117.
  6. More secrets of human ancestry emerge from South African caves

    CBS News
    Africa’s richest fossil hominin site has revealed more of its treasure. It’s been a year and a half since scientists announced that a new hominin species, which they called Homo naledi, had been discovered in the Rising Star Cave outside Johannesburg.
  7. Top lab CERN launches key new accelerator

    Yahoo News
    Europe’s top physics lab CERN has launched a new particle accelerator to connect to its Large Hadron Collider proton smasher, in an attempt to uncover new particles and prove the existence of extra space-time dimensions The Geneva lab has long voiced …
  8. What Is America’s Secret Space Shuttle For?

    Defense One
    It’s not clear what the U.S. Air Force’s X-37B is supposed to do—or if it’s worth its hefty price tag. Top-secret military spaceplanes certainly know how to make an entrance.
  9. Full flower moon May 2017: How to catch full moon on Wednesday, May 10 (5/10/2017)
    Sky watchers will have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the full “flower moon” on Wednesday, May 10. It will be the fifth full moon on the 2017 lunar calendar and the second full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere.
  10. Rare birds find Southern California beach housing

    Los Angeles Times
    A rare shorebird has moved back into some of the prime real estate it abandoned seven decades ago – the playground beaches of Los Angeles County.