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China Is On its Way to Being the Next Tech Superpower

My recent trip to Beijing and Shanghai has me convinced China is the next technological superpower.

Why Neuroscience Is the Key To Innovation in AI

The future of AI lies in neuroscience.

3 Exponentials to Watch | Future of Everything With Jason Silva (Part 3)

In the third of Singularity University’s Future of Everything YouTube series with Jason Silva, Silva discusses “The Big Three” exponential technologies, which he defines as GNR: genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics.

To Design the Perfect Drone, Follow Nature’s Lead

Nature has found some elegant solutions to complicated problems and engineers have long been inspired by its designs.

The Era of Human Gene Editing Is Here—What Happens Next Is Critical

Scientists in Portland, Ore., just succeeded in creating the first genetically modified human embryo in the United States, according to Technology Review.

The World’s First Autonomous Ship Will Set Sail In 2018

What A Norwegian container ship called the Yara Birkeland will be the world’s first electric, autonomous, zero-emissions ship.

The Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through July 29)

AUGMENTED REALITY $99 Headset Could Be Augmented Reality’s First True Chance at a Mass Market Rachel Metz | MIT Technology Review “The headset, made by Mira, is like an AR version of Samsung’s Gear VR, which gives users a virtual-reality experience when they insert one of a few Samsung smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence Adoption

Feature: Artificial Intelligence Adoption – What it Takes for Industries to Change


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(This week’s article is written by Dan Faggella and published on The Huffington Post)

In any industry, technology, or application area, change is often caused by a select number of trendsetters. We conducted 17 interviews with the intention of taking a closer look at the adoption of artificial intelligence in various industries and sectors.

We set out to answer questions that are critical to business leaders considering AI’s value today, namely:

  1. How AI is being adopted across industry?
  2. What’s holding adoption back?
  3. What are the timelines of adoption in different sectors?

In order to help readers find what they’re looking for, we’ve broken this article down into three major sections, each of which aims to tackle the questions above. In the article below, we lay out the main findings from our interviews, coupled with relevant quotes directly from AI executives and researchers:

“AI in Industry” Podcast: Real-Time Personalization

The big tech giants, such as Amazon, Google and Netflix, tend to set the stage in a lot of different domains and set public expectations to raise the aggregate tide of consumer experience. Our online experience is somewhat different each time we use these and other sites.

This is because many of these tech giants alter their experience user per user in a real time iterative fashion in order to create sticky experiences and to beat their competitors.

In this episode we talk to Adam Spector, the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at LiftIgniter, a company which provide a service which modulates website experience per users, for an array of different businesses.

Adam and I discuss what the tech giants are doing to customize their business experiences, what data they’re using to continually alter user experience and what industries and sectors might be impacted by this aggregate trend as it moves forward:

“AI for Real-Time Personalization – with LiftIgniter’s Adam Spector”

TechEmergence is Hiring:

In addition to new research initiatives, our biggest present focus at TechEmergence is building an excellent team. We’re being MORE than selective about candidates, and a good portion of be week is spent in “interview mode” as CEO.

The roles we have open now are:

  1. Content / Marketing Manager (available remote)
  2. Managing Editor, $90-100k Salary (San Francisco)
We’re certainly looking for the “right” person, and I figure that my best bet to find excellent talent is to talk to a LOT of talent, which is exactly what I’ve been doing these last 3 weeks.

If you’d like to see the details of the positions or recommend someone to apply, please see our “careers” section below:

Careers at TechEmergence

Here’s to a good week ahead,

– Daniel

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you.
I’m Dan, founder of TechEmergence. We serve as an objective source for business leaders looking to make productive use of AI in their industry, and I’m glad to have you with us. Find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or contact me @danfaggella.

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